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Rakesh and Mei Sarna launch the 2021 U.S. Scholarship Program

“Mei and I want to continue to encourage students to fulfill their academic goals. We hope that these scholarships will help students stay focused on pursuing higher education.” – Rakesh Sarna MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 For the third consecutive year, Rakesh and Mei are pleased to launch their U.S. Scholarship Program, offering […]

Global Hospitality Veteran Rakesh Sarna Looks at How to be Productive and Fulfilled in Retirement

After decades of work, many individuals who finally enter their long-anticipated and much-earned retirement discover that they feel somewhat less excited and energized than expected. According to global hospitality veteran  Rakesh Sarna, the cause for this unexpected unhappiness is not that retirement is difficult. Rather, it is because they no longer feel as productive and […]

Rakesh Sarna explores why adults return to school

Many people in their forties and fifties face a career crisis like a layoff and must find a way to reeducate themselves so that they can look for employment in a different field. People may also be dissatisfied with their current field, leading to a desire to change their occupation.

Rakesh Sarna on How Leadership Creates a Positive Work Environment

Most individuals with the capacity to become successful leaders are highly adaptive, exhibit strong analytical skills, and are prepared to navigate challenging circumstances. However, despite the need for systematic thinking, the business landscape requires an extensive amount of commitment and self-awareness.

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Rakesh Sarna Stresses the Importance of Supporting Women in Male-Dominated Industries

The women’s rights movement has brought the feminist initiative leaps and bounds since it first started simmering in the mid-1800s, but despite massive progress, there’s still much ground to be covered. Persisting problems include workplace harassment, pay gaps, social workplace inequality, and an overall lack of representation in certain fields. As a forward-thinking businessman and […]