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Due to his prominent position within the hospitality industry and his many years of experience, Rakesh Sarna has been featured in a number of online publications and journals. Click the links below to learn more about Rakesh!

Rakesh Sarna on How Leadership Creates a Positive Work Environment

Most individuals with the capacity to become successful leaders are highly adaptive, exhibit strong analytical skills, and are prepared to navigate challenging circumstances. However, despite the need for systematic thinking, the business landscape requires an extensive amount of commitment and self-awareness.

Rakesh Sarna Highlights the Need for Constant Learning and Improvement – Tweak Your Biz

Constant learning and improvement are extremely important in not only your career, but also your personal life. Not only will it broaden your horizons, but you can get a real sense of fulfillment. Many professionals, like Rakesh Sarna, talk about and promote the importance of this approach for personal development.

Rakesh Sarna explores why adults return to school

Many people in their forties and fifties face a career crisis like a layoff and must find a way to reeducate themselves so that they can look for employment in a different field. People may also be dissatisfied with their current field, leading to a desire to change their occupation.

Hospitality Veteran Rakesh Sarna Explores The Benefits Of Volunteering After Retirement

After many decades of working and sacrificing, many people finally arrive at the threshold of retirement only to discover that instead of enjoying an abundance of time, freedom and opportunities, they struggle with anxiety, boredom, and in some cases, despair and depression.

Rakesh Sarna Scholarship Program Announces Scholarship Recipient

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2019 / Rakesh Sarna Scholarship Program is proud to announce the selection of Sterling Winnegrad as the very first recipient of the Rakesh Sarna Scholarship Program valued at $1,500 USD for post-secondary students.

Rakesh Sarna Supports Students Pursuing a Post Secondary Education

With close to 40 years of industry experience, Rakesh Sarna is a highly valued and motivational leader in the hospitality industry. He is committed to ensuring students have access to the resources they need to succeed in a professional capacity.

Rakesh Sarna – Medium

Rakesh Sarna is a Miami-based businessman and innovative leader, making waves in the hospitality industry and fighting for gender diversity in the workplace.

How Rakesh Sarna Sees Technology Disrupting the Hospitality Industry | TechBullion

Although technology is constantly disrupting various industries, the field of hospitality seems to be one of the few that are affected the most. Surprisingly, however, a lot of people fail to realize that some of the major trends within this market revolve around technological advancements.

Rakesh Sarna Shares the Importance of Gender Diversity in the Workplace | Prague Post

Promoting inclusion is one of the most important elements of every workforce in the world. Besides the fact that not doing so is illegal, having a diverse body of employees comes with a plethora of benefits. And, although the vast majority of the people would agree with the previous statements, there are still a lot…

Rakesh Sarna – Hospitality Expert

Define success and make sure that you have input from various sources into defining success. Then you stay that course. Rakesh Sarna was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and had a humble upbringing. His father was in the Indian Foreign Service, so this meant some moving around while growing up.

Rakesh Sarna | Inspirery

Rakesh Sarna has been all over the world in an almost 40-year career in the hospitality industry. After high school, he left India for Canada. Rakesh attended Algonquin College in Ottawa, graduating in 1977 with a diploma in Hospitality Administration.


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Rakesh Sarna – Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

View Rakesh Sarna’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network, helping professionals like Rakesh Sarna discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

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