At first glance, it makes perfect sense for students to try and get as much help as possible paying their tuition. After all, less time spent working at a part-time job should mean more time spent studying.  However, a study by researchers at University of California found that the opposite was often the case: many […]

After decades of work, many individuals who finally enter their long-anticipated and much-earned retirement discover that they feel somewhat less excited and energized than expected. According to global hospitality veteran  Rakesh Sarna, the cause for this unexpected unhappiness is not that retirement is difficult. Rather, it is because they no longer feel as productive and […]

The women’s rights movement has brought the feminist initiative leaps and bounds since it first started simmering in the mid-1800s, but despite massive progress, there’s still much ground to be covered. Persisting problems include workplace harassment, pay gaps, social workplace inequality, and an overall lack of representation in certain fields. As a forward-thinking businessman and […]