“Teddy taught us what boundless love truly means. In loving memory of our beloved “Angel with a Tail”, we would like to offer financial help through this scholarship to those who have chosen to commit themselves to care for other people’s furry children with loving care.” – Mei and Rakesh Sarna

Rakesh and Mei Sarna are pleased to launch the Teddy Sarna Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Program, offering scholarships of $1,500 to students currently enrolled in a veterinary school. Read more

After many decades of working and sacrificing, many people finally arrive at the threshold of retirement only to discover that instead of enjoying an abundance of time, freedom and opportunities, they struggle with anxiety, boredom, and in some cases, despair and depression.

Many people in their forties and fifties face a career crisis like a layoff and must find a way to reeducate themselves so that they can look for employment in a different field. People may also be dissatisfied with their current field, leading to a desire to change their occupation.