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Former Hyatt and Taj Hotels senior leader Rakesh Sarna on the Importance of Giving Back to your Community

Rakesh Sarna

It’s not often spoken about in the fast-paced business world but finding ways to give back to the community is inarguably essential for elevating the spirit of humanity, encouraging a culture of giving, and strengthening society as a whole.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Rakesh Sarna has worked in high-class hotels around the world, spanning from the Caribbean and the Middle East to the Far East, Europe, and North America. In visiting and working in communities across the globe, he’s learned the ineffable importance of giving back to surrounding communities. In this article, he outlines the joys of selfless action and details a few ways to best serve the community.


Giving Back for the Benefit of Others

Whether you’re a business owner or not, there’s a good chance that any level of success you’ve achieved both personally and professionally can be attributed, in large part, to the support of those around you. According to Rakesh Sarna, it’s important to acknowledge these precious support systems and honor them with your skills, services, and resources.

In dedicating your time, efforts and funds for the betterment of your community, you are giving back to those who have made your success a reality, and you’re continuing a culture of giving. This cycle of kindness and support is the absolute fiber of humanity. Additionally, it is our only hope for alleviating the struggles of poverty, illness, and suffering.


Giving Back for the Benefit of Yourself

 When you choose to give back, you don’t just benefit those around you, you also enrich yourself. The act of actively investing in your community fuels an ongoing journey of individual betterment. As you choose to enrich the lives of those around you, you’ll find your own life significantly improved.

This comes due to the fact that we each have what Rakesh Sarna describes as a personal calling to serve. When you choose to do the right thing and bless the less-fortunate members of society, you feed your own soul. In doing the right thing, you invite peace and blessings into your own life.

These feelings of satisfaction exceed any monetary, physical reward tenfold–among other benefits, they work to instill a sense of community and belonging as you serve a vision and purpose larger than your individual self. In investing selflessly, you’ll likely find that the more you give, the more you receive.


Opportunities to Make a Difference

Giving back comes in many forms and is best when individualized to meet your own skills, abilities, and limitations. For example, Rakesh Sarna has chosen to perpetuate the spirit of giving is by constructing and funding scholarships which provide aspiring students with the financial aid they need to attend post-secondary educational institutions.  Shall we embed the scholarship link here?

That said, making a difference doesn’t have to mean committing to a large monetary donation. Often, the spirit of giving is best embodied in the dedication of time and resources. For example, participating in volunteer events, hosting fundraisers, helping out at a local shelter, or offering your professional talents to a local nonprofit are all excellent opportunities to better your community.

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