The women’s rights movement has brought the feminist initiative leaps and bounds since it first started simmering in the mid-1800s, but despite massive progress, there’s still much ground to be covered. Persisting problems include workplace harassment, pay gaps, social workplace inequality, and an overall lack of representation in certain fields.

As a forward-thinking businessman and hospitality industry veteran, Rakesh Sarna understands the climate of the business world. He believes that in order to improve society as a whole and continue moving forward, it’s necessary to make space for women in traditionally male-dominated industries. Read more

Rakesh Sarna

Learning is a life-long journey—it doesn’t merely end when an individual graduates or passes the age of traditional schooling. After almost four decades of working in the hospitality industry, Rakesh Sarna and his wife have decided to go back to school and pursue a budding passion: learning and absorbing more about global affairs related to international human rights violations, business risks, etc. to name a few. In his journey, he’s come to understand the importance of life-long learning. Read more